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  Author    The Revelation
Dhana NeNiero
Posted on: January 13th, 2007, 06:36:42 Quote Report to Moderator

Posts: 90
"You've seen me heal with it. You haven't seen me hurt people with it.. "

She pointed out, memories of her doing that flooding back to her along with the revelation that what the men had done to the fixers was something that she, to some extend, was capable of.

She didn't look at Eseen as she bandaged her wrist up again. She didn't want to see the design anymore. She knew it was placed there during her childhood when her mother was still around. Now she just wished that she had never received it.

"How could anyone be that cruel?"

She asked, still feeling sick at what Eseen had told her. Eventually, she got her courage up again and looked at Eseen, unable to phantom how she had managed to survive through the ordeal or how she had managed to deal with the memories and scares it surely left.

"You didn't know about the tattoo when you took the job, did you?"

She asked, almost certain that she didn't. Did her father know what had happened to the fixers? She didn't know, nor could she ask him now that he was dead

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Eseen Hawkins
Posted on: January 13th, 2007, 16:16:20 Quote Report to Moderator

Posts: 107
Eseen layed back again, shutting her eyes while she slowly succumb to the overwhelming exhaustion. She had allowed Dhana to cover up the tattoo again. While she didn't exactly approve of it, having a different idea all together of the meaning behind them, she wasn't in any position to protest. Her eyes opened slightly again as she attempted to answer the girl's questions.

"I already know what you're like. Even while it's frustrating sometimes, you always want to try and use it to help people. I know you couldn't use it to intentionally hurt someone just for the sake of it." She placed her hand over Dhana's again, remaining comfortable in the bed and only turning her head slightly to look at her better. "No, I didn't know anything about you when I took the job, all I got was your name and where to find you."

The fixer gave Dhana another smile for some further reassurance before closing her eyes again. She knew this girl knew little to nothing about her own heritage, not to mention, neither did herself. It also made sense that if the girl was going to stick with her, she picked up and understood what exactly she done as a fixer to prevent any problems down the line.

Moments passed and it wasn't long before the darkness seemed all too welcoming. Her breathing slowly became deeper and drawn out while her hand over Dhana's relaxed. It wasn't long before Eseen was fast asleep.
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Dhana NeNiero
Posted on: January 14th, 2007, 04:08:22 Quote Report to Moderator

Posts: 90
She watched as Eseen drifted off to sleep, amazed at how much trust Eseen had in her. Her addmittance to not knowing about the tattoe made sense though, no-one in their right mind would have taken the job and not gotten rid of her.

It got her curious though, did her father know what happened to the fixers and not mention it or was it just an oversight?

Her father.. she suddenly remembered that she had his paperwork with her and while Eseen slept, she started looking through it.

Over the next few hours she learned about her people, about how they believed that the gods must be apeaced by the sacrifice of one born to one of their pristesses and an outsider, something her father had mentioned briefly.

There was more information though, information that showed her that she had started training at the temple, for in order to get the tatoo she had, she would have had to train there. It gave information on how the design increased as the acoloyt progressed in their training.

She found no mention of the fixers or the war which had been waged on her home planet, though an image of one of the monks made her stare at it for a while. After a bit, she folded the picture up and hid it on her body. If Eseen woke up or chose to look through the papers, at least, she wouldn't be confronted with what Dhana feared was a man with identical tatooes to the ones who had put Eseen through hell.
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