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  Author    Remember kids: Don't try this at home.
Sonia Mutenburg
Posted on: July 23rd, 2008, 09:35:47 Quote Report to Moderator
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"Well, no... Just that it may take some time and experimentation?" She replied honestly, suddenly beginning to grow more and more concerned at Kalia's mood. However, she hadn't been lying to make her feel better. It was the complete truth that so far, what changes had shown up had been rather attractive.

"But it really does look go-" She was cut off by Kalia's outburst and quietened herself quickly.

After she'd finished, she paused momentarily, trying to find the right words to say. Was it really that bad? From what she could tell, it wasn't hurting. It just never entered her mind that most people didn't appreciate having involuntary genetic modifications thrust upon them.

"Kalia..." Sonia began, but the half plea was ignored as the woman darted out of the room.

A few moments were let past of quiet introspection before she decided to follow her out. Kalia hadn't gotten far and while it may not have been long before her position was discovered, Sonia hoped it would give her a chance to settle down a bit.

"Mahina," She affectionately addressed her lover, slowly approaching her from behind and placing her hands over her waist. The vampire who was currently acting as Kalia's pillow was frozen in terror, unsure of what was occurring and the appropriate action to take as a very naked half human clung to him while an also very naked mistress of the household gained on the pair.

"Didn't you ever notice my inhuman appearance?" She questioned calmly. "Or did you think it suited and didn't really care?"
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Kalia Tsuna
Posted on: August 6th, 2008, 09:30:54 Quote Report to Moderator

Posts: 61
She ignored Sonia using her middle name as much as she could, still sobbing on the guy's shoulder. (who, by know, should know who's in his arms?) ]

At the mention that Sonia herself may not have wanted the changes that made Sonia not human, Kalia lifted her head up and slowly looked back to where Sonia stood.

"You.. you.. " The realisation came that Kalia had not known Sonia beforehand and had fallen for the Sonia who was standing there now. "You didn't do that to yourself?" She asked, sounding a lot more curious than one would expect of her.

"But I... " She stopped for a moment as she caught a shadow in the corner of her eye, looking down and behind her to see what it is, only to let out an ear piercing scream at the sight of a thin, very cat-like, green tail.

Perhaps, if she was really drunk and infront of a mirror, she would be more accepting of the changes that had happend, and would see that she now was a red eyed vampire, with matching green hair and extended green ears poking up through her hair. Not that it took away from who she was, she still had large breasts and the hint of green fur that threatened to come through on her body, only enhanced that phenomena by appearing to be tatooes especially designed for her body.

To add to it, her pubic hair was now as soft as a kitty cats, which was far from unsexy as she would surely find out given enough time with Sonia.

The tail would be something she'd have to get used to. It too was green, though the tabby pattern that seemed to be a theme on her body, was reflected on it with white circles running in regular intervals until the tip of the tail ended in white.

And then, if she had bothered looking at herself, she still had her hands which now had extendable claws. It would give her the ability to look cute or menacing, depending on her mood.

Yet, all she felt was extremely scared and vulnerable. A shudder ran through her body as she clung to the male again. "I don't want to become a cat" She whispered, trying to draw comfort from the body.
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Sonia Mutenburg
Posted on: August 12th, 2008, 08:41:38 Quote Report to Moderator
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Posts: 153
Sonia cringed at Kalia's scream. It hurt quite nicely and disorientated her ever so slightly. Naturally, she reacted just as badly to this. Grabbing Kalia by the shoulder and pulling her away from the vampire she was clinging to rather forcibly in an attempt to turn her to face her. This time, the woman would find no solace in Sonia's expression, being rather menacing. A quick glance sent the male vampire fleeing for safety.

"Kalia, stop sulking already!" Sonia snatched up the woman's hand and pulled it towards her, pressing it against her slightly elongated face. "You really thought what I looked like naturally?"

Sonia slowly guided Kalia's hand over her face, letting her feel the unnaturally smooth and sleek skin covering her body if she had decided to look away. Kalia's fingers would run over her eyelids, noting how large her eyes were widened in comparison to a human. Her nose flattened perfectly to her forehead, giving her abnormaly large eyes a sunken look while they remained uncannily slanted. Her eyebrows had seemed to have all but disappeared.

The hand was then positioned over her lips, letting Kalia feel how they stick out from her half flattened, half stretched out face. The edge of her lips spread out of proportion with her cheeks only slightly.

Once the tour of her alien-esque face was complete, she reached out her other hand, placing it in Kalia's to show her the completely different texture it had to her light blue skin. Sliding it up her forearm which was covered in some other kind of material, but still soft to the touch, she would note the bits of cybernetics still felt under and with the skin.

Once the hand was on her shoulder, she moved in slightly closer while pushing it down past her small and perk breasts, already visibly aroused by Kalia's tour. A smile crossed her face and she pressed Kalia's own hand against her as it moved below her waist to press it against her own new green fuzz.

"From what I see, this is about as far as your transformation goes." Sonia's free hand ran up Kalia's back and gently played with the longer ears her lover had grown. "It really does look good on you..."

She leaned in closer to Kalia and rested her head in between her breasts. Her mood quickly diluted amongst devious thoughts, she pressed her fingers up against her lover's, gently slipping Kalia's own fingers inside herself.

"I think you grew a little bigger here too." She pondered aloud before running her tongue over a nipple.

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