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  Author    DJ_chester the new scientist
Posted on: December 7th, 2010, 12:32:57 Quote Report to Moderator

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This is DJ_chester's first time in Kind. He arrived two days in advance to run some tests. As hes walking though the town shouting out EUREKA! (because he was doing some equations) he determines the most popular bar in town. In those two days that he has free he decides to go to his house and do just one experiment because he just cant resist.

This experiment had taken 1 of his two days of waiting away.
"Finally I will know what adding a thousand degree flame will do saltwater!" He shouts dramatically.
As the tip of the flame touched the saltwater.


The blast of the explosion sent him flying back on to a sheet of paper that was not there two minutes ago. As he gets up and brushes himself off realizing that his house was paper. suddenly he gets the urge to go and burn the paper to see if his house was still there, this did not work the flames got extinguished instantly so he tried water. The water bounced of the wall and on to him. He looks around and thinks to him self "I have an invincible paper house".

He then curls up on the floor and sleeps (because he arrived two days early and his stuff did not get there till the next day). About half way though the day that he was meant to get there his things had arrived and the movers decided that leaving it on his drive way was the best idea than waiting for him to show up (he was asleep at this time because of the experiment).

At the time it got dark he woke up and steadily decided to go to PJ's (this was around 6:30pm). As he got near the door he starts to run then at the last second he starts to cart wheel though the old saloon type doors and goes straight to the bar cartwheeling then jumps from his hands and lands on the stool directly adjacent to the door. As he's landing he raises one arm up in the air then bends it so that the elbow is at a 90 degree angle then slams it down on the bar as hard as he can.

"OWWWWW!!" he screams. And then every one looks at him as he buys a beer.
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Posted on: December 8th, 2010, 12:40:07 Quote Report to Moderator
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The stares Chester got from everybody weren't only due to his dramatic entrance and outburst. This crowd had seen many strange things and creatures from all walks of life since the bar opened. They would have returned to their conversations or whatever they were occupied with before the strange man cartwheeled through the door, but something held their attention.

That something was a small child. Not that a child in a bar was really anything out of the blue at this point, but more that he was standing straight up on Chester's head. He had been for some time now and so far, he hadn't noticed. So he decided to make himself such.

"Hi!" he exclaimed far more excited than one would expect him to be. Then again, one wouldn't expect a child to be in such an odd position.

He leaned over, beyond what would normally seem physically possible to remain upright so he could be face to face with the man while his feet were still firmly planted on his head and smiled.

"I'm Severus!"
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Posted on: December 22nd, 2010, 13:17:42 Quote Report to Moderator

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He looks up smiles back and says "Hello I'm DJ_chester. Its nice to meet you." He realizes that this person was braking the laws of gravity and decided to keep a strait face as this is happening. After introducing himself he pulls out a salt shaker from his pocket.

He asks the bar tender to get him a glass of water. He then gets the glass of water and empties all the salt out of the salt shaker in to his glass and mixes it. After mixing it he offers it to Severus and asks "What dose it taste like?"

At the time he wonders how old Severus is and asks "How old are you Severus?" Just after he remembered that he had a beer and decided to skull it as fast as possible(which was about 3.4 seconds).
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