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Realms and Beyond
No New Posts Death's House
In the middle of a dimention that stretches for infinity, there resides a small black and white cottage. Inside, the cottage also stretches for an infinite amount of space, with so many rooms that not even a super computer could estimate the number alone. The entire place sports all forms of human like places and rooms, all in complete black and white except for a large feild of corn which stretches for miles and is the perfect colour in every detail...
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No New Posts Reminiscences
The place where dreams and flashbacks of the past occur. Many belive dreams to be a key to the soul and some belive them to be a link to the past...
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No New Posts Purgatory
The hidden realm created by the gods and demons to hold negotiations. This is a nutural realm and can be entered by any living thing, it cannot be veiwed from outside realms. It has not been used for some time now, becoming a refuge for rogue spirits and demons alike.
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