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  Author    Lights, Camera....what action?
Posted on: December 5th, 2010, 23:56:13 Quote Report to Moderator
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It was one of those stormy, wintery nights where the weather didn't know if it wanted to rain or it chose hail. The wind would rise and fall, the air was moist and cold enough to burn one's lungs when they took deep breaths. Even the streets were wet and slick and looked like it wanted someone to slip.

So it was a wonder in this kind of weather, why a club was open, with cars parked outside and bright flashy neon lights blinked. The hail would tink off the lights, windows and rooftops of buildings. But inside this club was warmth.. and lots of dim lights....

The stage had a light shining on a raven haired beauty performing with a pole, legs wrapped around it as she bent backwards and slowly came down. Her sun kissed tan, glittering silver eyes, and soft curls kept the audience on her, while the little clothing she wore of black satin flowed elegantly.

Rows of men sat around, many with glasses of alcohol and other drinks visible. Some had money out and were waving it at her, seeking attention and perhaps to try and get a single touch.....
David Westerchurch
Posted on: December 8th, 2010, 12:29:42 Quote Report to Moderator

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Halfway through Skyling's performance, the door to the establishment slowly swung open. A well dressed man entered gracefully, obviously upper class by the way he held himself and his attire. His jet black hair was brushed neatly back from his stern face and he wore what looked like a tuxedo, or at least the kind of suit that meant he was overdressed for the scenery.

He glanced over at the pole dancer and hastily moved to the bar, ordering a straight London Blue Gin before retreating to an unoccupied wall furthest away from the door.

While cradling his drink, he continually made quick glances both at all possible exits and the dancer herself. Not out of interest, but more concern. Like he was sizing up both the room and her.
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Posted on: January 6th, 2011, 00:05:10 Quote Report to Moderator
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Skyling clung to the pole with one hand, arched backward to reveal a nice view of herself, extending a foot outward for balance, all the while her eyes scanned the room to rest briefly on the man who entered. She kept up her little charade of feigned interest in any particular man in the room, all of who's eyes rested hungrily on her....but the one who had entered.

She twirled about, keeping up with her performance with a little help of her own magic. For her performance, a specially designed stage allowed her to ignite flames around the stage so the light could create playful shadows upon her body and skin, adding to the enchantment she weaved for pleasure.  There was a freedom in the movement Skyling found enjoyable and relaxing. Of course it may not have been a typical thing for CEO to do for relaxation, but she wasn't entirely human either.
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